The contest of youth creative works on application of renewable energy sources in the urban environment

Rules of participation

1. General

1.1. Project « Interactive workshops and creative competition of student works of leading universities in Russia for the application of renewable energy sources in the urban environment " ( hereinafter - the tender "Energy Knowledge ") is organized by the Nonprofit Partnership for Development of Renewable Energies " EUROSOLAR Russian section " together with the All-Russian public organization of society "Knowledge " Russia and the involved project partners .

1.2. Mission (purpose ) of the project :

Dissemination of scientific knowledge and conduct outreach and educational work.

1.3. Competition Dates :

From November 11 2013 to March 28, 2014 .

1.4. Nominations :

1.4.1. Prospects for the use of renewable energy sources (RES ) in your city.

1.4.2 . Innovative solutions - alternative energy .

1.4.3 . Design projects using renewable energy sources (RES ) in the urban environment .

1.5. Evaluation of the projects by the Tender Committee , summarizing the Competition and determination of winners is available between :

On March 15, 2014 to March 20, 2014.

In summing up the results of the Tender only considers projects of members who meet the conditions of the Contest at the time of completion.

2 . Participation in the Competition

2.1. To participate in the competition allowed citizens of the Russian Federation :

2.1.1 . Of full age , in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation ;

2.1.2 . At the age of 35 .

2.2. To participate in the contest :

2.2.1 . Register at ENERGYZNANIE.RU;

2.2.2 . Fill out the registration form indicating the participation of reliable data (name , surname, date of birth, gender , university );

2.2.3 . Upload a picture avatar ;

2.2.4 . Fill in the "About Me" in the "Profile" section ;

2.2.5 . Select Nominations ;

2.2.6 . Write the name of the project.

2.3. Participation in the contest is free .

3 . Rights and Responsibilities of Competition

3.1. The Competition is prohibited from participating employees and representatives of the Organizer , affiliated with them , family members of such employees and representatives.

3.2. Bidder has the right: to take part in the competition on the terms defined in the Rules .

3.3. Member shall indicate on the Site your real data , and at the request of the Organizer and summarizing the results of the Competition provide dokumentypodtverzhdayuschie (passport , marriage certificate , birth certificate or an adoption, as well as other documents) .

4 . Rights and Obligations of the Organiser

4.1. Organizer enforces the Competition hereof.

4.2. Organizer has the right to restrict access to the site bidders for violation of the User Agreement Site and / or these Rules.

4.3. Organizer reserves the right to amend these Rules , as will promptly notify the bidders technical means available on the Site.

4.4. Holder shall have the discretion to use the space on the pages of the Site , including related to the Contest .

4.5. Contest Organizer has the right to publish personal data of players , finalists and winners , to conduct interviews with finalists and winners , photograph them with additional authorization participants and winners , request photo materials from participants and use the data to promote the contest .

5 . Conditions of the Tender

5.1. Competition involves writing project on one of the following nominations :

5.1.1 . Prospects for the use of renewable energy sources (RES ) in your city.

Nomination is intended to describe an individual ideas for implementation or use of alternative energy sources .

5.1.2 . Innovative solutions - alternative energy .

Projects of this type must demonstrate concrete decisions on the use of renewable energy sources in the urban environment . A requirement for participation in this category is a detailed description of the individual or the invention of innovative proposals and the process of its realization ( implementation) in practice.

5.1.3 . Design projects using renewable energy sources (RES ) in the urban environment .

Development of design decisions on the use of renewable energy in the urban environment . The project must be carried out graphically and using various visualization tools with the aim to demonstrate the idea of ​​using alternative energy in the city.

5.1.4 . Interactive workshops are posted on the portal Competition are specialized teaching materials . In developing individual projects within each contest participant has the opportunity to use the proposed content to the site and use it in their work.

5.1.5 . All projects , regardless of the nomination must be made in accordance with established rules .

5.1.6 . Plan writing project : Introduction ; The program of the project:

A) The relevance of the proposed solutions (ideas );

B) Description of the problem , need to solve it ;

B) The purpose of the project;

D) Project Objectives ;

D ) The object and purpose of the project;

E) The interpretation of concepts. Description of project

5.1.7 . Competitive materials published by the project participants on the official website to 15 March 2014. Placed on the site Bidders yourself in a summary. Full version of the project is loaded to the site by the Bidder in PDF. Full version of the project Bidder all available for download for registered users of the Site . The volume of material - no more than 7 pages, font 14 , Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing .

5.1.8 . NP " EUROSOLAR Russian section " is obliged to ensure that measures to preserve confidentiality of information of a confidential nature , the " know-how " and the essence of the invention or discovery.

6. Competition Winners

6.1. Determining the winner is carried out among all the participants who were registered on the site and put their projects in accordance with the above rules.

6.2 . Winners are selected by nominations by the decision of the expert committee (jury ) .

6.3 . The jury's decision is final and not subject to revision .

7. Summarizing Contest and award winners

7.1. Evaluation of the projects carried out by the competitive commission on a 10- point scale.

7.2. Summarizing the Competition and determination of winners is done March 15, 2014 to March 20, 2014. List of winners of the " Energy of Knowledge " is published on the official website .

7.3. Participants who took the first place in 3 categories based on the Bid sent for training in leading European companies specializing in the field of solar energy .

7.4. All Bidders awarded letters of appreciation .

7.5. By accepting any prize , each winner is required to provide a copy of your passport , passport and other documents requested by the Organizer.

7.6. The order and timing of the internship are negotiated with each winner separately.

7.7. Winner must have a valid passport , have the right to leave the Russian border and have no barriers to entry into the territory of the host country at the time of the trip.

7.8. If the winner for the reasons stated in this section or any other circumstances beyond his control can not take advantage of the prize , he is not entitled to monetary compensation , has no right to transfer the prize to a third party .

7.9. On any of the above reasons winner is obliged to inform the Organizer not later than 2 business days after the announcement of the results of the Competition.

7.10 . The Promoter reserves the right, under the rules of the contest to select another winner , the next in the ranking of the participants and give the prize to him .

8. Refusal to participate in the Contest

8.1. Any participant may refuse to participate in it, informing the Competition Organizers technical means available on the Site.

9. Financing

9.1. When project funds are used to support the state allocated as a grant , in accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation pn 29.03.2013 № 115- p and on the basis of competition , conducted by the Society "Knowledge" of Russia.

9.2 . When project funds are used and resource support project partners , public and private organizations involved in the project organizer - NP " EUROSOLAR Russian section ."